About us

MeetAlexis Brusselmans


I was born in 1982, am married to Clothilde and am a proud father of 3 children. In 2012 I passed the notary exam and was appointed as a notary in 2014. My team and I are here to personally assist you with clear explanations using uncomplicated terminology, in Dutch, French or English. We can guide you through every phase of your life.


Our office was established in Heverlee in 1951, with the first civil-law notary Lucien Mellaerts, followed by notaries Joseph Mellaerts, Luc Westerlinck, Thomas Boes and then myself! Our office is fully digitised in order to look after your file as ecologically as possible. We have video conferencing, work in a secure cloud and limit paper usage to only the production of your deed. Promoting environmentally friendly practices is only appropriate since our office is located a short walk away from the beautiful Heverlee woods.

Who we are

People minded

We work with people, for people. All work is carefully prepared by our skilled professionals. They are your contact person and are the point of contact within the office. Good employees should always be taken care of, so our office maintains a healthy work-life balance, with flexible hours, teleworking, ergonomic chairs, etc.


Each employee is a Chief Executive Officer (eco & local, leisure & fun, legal, HR, building & design) at the office and is closely involved in decision making. Alexis walks every year with an employee in Heverlee – or Meerdaalbos, for a thorough evaluation, work and life. To walk is to advance, and as we walk we face the same direction, the direction we want to pursue together.

Green Vision

Our office wishes to contribute to a better environment. It is our ambition to drastically reduce our CO2 impact through numerous actions, such as using as little paper as possible, digitisation, deed by video conference, teleworking, green roof, recycling, compost, reduction of postal deliveries,…


To provide our office with light and heat, we have opted for Belgian wind and solar energy. Business trips are made as much as possible by bike or public transport. We also use many local suppliers, so that we can guarantee shorter supply chains and participate in the economy as ecologically as possible.


Next to this, we have designed compostable business cards that, after planting, grow into a forget-me-not flower. So we can grow with our clients!


Our Team

Alexis Brusselmans

Jolien Swillen

Yoni Polfliet

Karin Lauwers

Kateryna Kashyntseva

Clothilde Wattel

Elisabeth Hendrickx

In cooperation

Leen Ketels

Personal touch


We want to personally guide you through the unique moments in your life, such as purchasing a house, a marriage/cohabitation contract or the start of a new business, but also during difficult moments, such as a breakup or a bereavement. As a notary’s office, we are best suited to assist you with advice and assistance.